FAQ Page Are Potty Gloves Biodegradable?

Our regular nitrile potty gloves are not biodegradable. Nitrile is a synthetic material commonly used for gloves due to its durability and flexibility. The non-biodegradable nature of nitrile gloves means that they do not break down naturally in the environment over time. It is important to follow proper disposal methods for nitrile gloves, which typically involves placing them in designated waste bins.

However, our New line of Biodegradable Potty Gloves will Degrade in a Landfill within 1-3 years depending on the specific environmental conditions. 

We are also working on a fully Biodegradable and Compostable Potty Glove. We currently do not have a timeframe for it's availability.

Potty Gloves are geared towards people that want a clean and convenient way to wipe and then Pack Out their refuse when peeing outdoors. Our 12 and 24 packs come with a custom made two pocket container that keeps Clean and Used PG's from intermingling. When you get back from your adventure, please make sure to throw the used gloves into a waste bin.

FAQ Can't you just drip dry?

 Of Course you can! We personally find it unsanitary to "Drip Dry", because most women who do this know that it would take a few minutes and a good breeze to actually "DRY", so you're basically using your undies to dry with. When we pee in nature, we want it to be quick, so we're not caught with our pants down! Potty Gloves can be carried in your pocket, used, then taken off inside out, rolled up, and stuck right back in your pocket. It's quick and convenient.

FAQ Can't you just use TP and Baggies?

 Of Course you can! Unfortunately, most people don't bother with the baggies and leave their TP behind. Which is what started the Potty Gloves in the first place. Toilet paper can detract from the aesthetics of the environment and takes time to fully degrade. In outdoor recreational areas, it is best to follow Leave No Trace principles, which encourage proper waste disposal practices. This often involves packing out toilet paper and other hygiene products to ensure minimal impact on the environment and preserve the natural beauty of the area for others to enjoy.  There are also antimicrobial pee cloths out there, but the thought of reusing something like that and having it hang on my back pack or put in my SxS Doorbag seems gross.  There are also pee funnels and other female urination devices, which are fine, but you're still wet after using them and need to dry.  So please, do at least pack out your toilet paper, or better yet grab some Potty Gloves and add in that layer of Cleanliness that the glove provides. No Urine on your hand!

FAQ Who would benefit from using Potty Gloves?

Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Kayakers, Jeepers, Off-Roaders, Rock-Crawlers, Rock Climbers, Tent Campers, Search and Rescuers, Ranchers, Farmers, Soldiers, Homeless, Dirt Bikers, Road Trippers, we could go on and on..., anyone who pee's outdoors or uses a restroom that is out of toilet paper. We keep Potty Gloves in our purses, pockets, glove boxes, and SxS door bags.

FAQ Where are potty gloves manufactured?

Potty Gloves are currently being manufactured in Kanab, Utah. They are made in an enclosed portable clean cabinet so that each Potty Glove is sanitary.

image of sanitary manufacturing